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Beautiful Cat Chateaus

A brand new luxury cat chateau now open in the beautiful town of Cricklade, Wiltshire ran by a "passionate, crazy cat lover, registered veterinary nurse" - You couldn't ask for a better person to look after your fur-baby.

We aim to provide you with a personal and intimate service that will make you feel happier about leaving your beloved pet behind to enjoy some time away without a care in the world. 

Our ultimate goal is to give your 'Purry' Kings & Queens the holiday they deserve.









Registered Veterinary Nurse

The love and care of a "crazy cat lady" + the skills and knowledge of a Veterinary Nurse = The perfect person to provide a home from home for your 'Purry' Kings & Queens

Jess has been a registered vet nurse for a few years but with over 10 years of expert knowledge of animal care from working & training in a well-established registered veterinary practice.

She understands how difficult people find leaving their elderly beloved fur-baby and fur-babies who are on long term medication, these owners tend to worry too much that they won't actually go away. Jess prides herself on providing a trusting service to take all these worries away. She has the ability to care for your pet despite what medication they may have to take.

No matter what age & health of the cats in her cattery, Jess will provide the same standard of care and love to each resident during their stay. 

For more information about how you can benefit from having a Registered Veterinary Nurse look after your 'Purry' King or Queen, click continue reading below. 

  • Treated Like Royalty

    A stay with Cricklade Cattery; you are guaranteed a luxurious holiday where your 'Purry' Kings & Queens are treated like Royalty.

  • Windows For Catching Some Rays

    We provide Sunbathing Windows so your fur-babies can admire the wildlife, nature & our own brood of chickens.

  • Good Ol' Meal Before A Scratch!

    What more do fur-babies love than food & a good scratch? We ask you to provide their own delicious food, whilst we provide them with a delux cat scratching post.

  • Loving Smooches & Cuddles

    Jess loves nothing more than giving your fur-babies a smooch and cuddles morning & night. If they what we like to call "Cat-Attitude" then please do tell us and we will adhere to their preferences.

Every King & Queen Deserve A Special Treat

Alongside the smooches and cuddles your fur-babies will receive whilst staying at the Cricklade Cattery, we can't have them not getting a little treat - after all, they are royalty. 

The treats we use are for sensitive stomachs and shouldn't cause any upset. We also throw in a complimentary pot of home grown cat grass which is completely safe for them to nibble on. Your 'Purry' Kings & Queens will not be overloaded with treats which could affect them eating their cat food.  

We will ask for your consent before leaving them in our care to ensure your feline friend won't have any adverse affects from our treats. Should you require specific treats or requirements, please feel free to bring these along.