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About Cricklade Cattery

At Cricklade Cattery, we have built 12 beautiful Cat Chateaus that take into every consideration for looking after your 'Purry' Kings & Queens to ensure they have the best holiday whilst they stay with us.

Coming in 2024 - A further 8 Cat Chateaus

Each Chateau comes with:

Individual Heating Systems

This is to ensure each chateau is at the ideal temperature for your 'Purry' King or Queen. 

Sunbathing windows

The sunbathing windows not only provide a warm cosy spot for your feline friend to enjoy, but has views over the wildlife bed filled with nature but also our brood of chickens.

Individual spot lights with dimmer switch

The dimmer switch is to ensure we don't cause an abrupt awakening first thing in the mornings.

Private Curtains

Each curtain will be drawn for bedtime whilst having a bedtime snuggle with me. They will then be opened in the morning for Breakfast to be served.

Light & Airy Feeling

Our chateaus have been made with UPVC and glass walls to provide the light feeling and vents on the doors which allows plenty of fresh air flow.

Exercise Run

Each chateau is big enough to provide plenty of room for exercise. They also have enough room for playing and snoozing and even keeping a cheeky eye on us.

Cricklade Cattery's aim is to provide a home from home feel for our guests! 

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  • Cricklade Cattery - Cat having a groom

Expert Care for Your 'Purry' Kings & Queens

If your 'Purry' King or Queen is on any kind of medication, even being diabetic, hyperthyroid or requires heart medication then please do not worry - you've come to the right place!

Jess is qualified in administering these medications and also spotting when things aren’t quite as they should be…….We wouldn't hesitate in calling our registered veterinary practice should Jess feel it is the right thing to do. 

For your elderly 'Purry' Kings or Queens, we have a lot of home comforts put into place so they can relax and rest those weary bones and paws!

We are registered with Eastcott Veterinary Referral Hospital that provides 24 hour Emergency Care.

*Although we do not mind looking after your elderly cats or felines on medication, we do ask that all residents staying with us are in a stable condition and signed off by your own veterinary practice. 

Dietary Requirements

Dietary Requirements

We ask all owners of our residents to provide us with their own diet/food for the duration of their stay with us. This is to ensure we don't upset their stomachs. Our facilities cater to dry, wet and raw food.

Subject to your consent, we do provide treats for all our guests. We ensure that all treats are for sensitve tummys so it is rare for them to cause any upset to our guests.

We even provide a complimentary pot of home grown cat grass for them to leisurely nibble on.

If you have any concerns about the treats we are giving, please feel free to bring your own treats - We believe every 'Purry' King and Queen deserves to be pampered.

As standard, your 'Purry' Kings & Queens will be fed twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening. However, if they require more than this, then we will ensure their individual needs are met.

Holiday Luggage

Holiday Luggage

Here at Cricklade Cattery, we provide everything you would need for a comfortable stay away from home:

  • Snazzy Vet Bedding for comfort
  • Blankets to tuck them up at night
  • Cat friendly ceramic bowls for food and water
  • Large litter tray for them to have a good dig around!
  • Delux Cat Scratching Post - for that good ol' scratch they love so much!
  • Cat friendly toys to amuse your 'Purry' King or Queen

Although we try to recreate the home comforts…… We understand that sometimes there is nothing better than your own bed, bowls, toys and toilet! If this will make your cats stay 'purrfect', then please bring everything with you.

Opening Times

For Drop Off and Collection:

Monday - Saturday 
8:30am - 9:30am 
5:30pm - 6:30pm

We are closed on Sundays and Bank holidays for drop off or collection.

Other times may also be available, prior to arrangement.

If you would like to come down and view the cattery to see if it meets the needs of your 'Purry' Kings and Queens , then of course - this would not be a problem! It would be lovely meet you. - Please contact us to make an appointment

Our Tariff

For a Cat Chateau for ONE 'Purry' King or Queen:

£15 a night 

For a Cat Chateau for TWO* 'Purry' Kings or Queens to share: 

£20 a night 

*Must be from the same household. 

Please contact us for our availability and booking.

We do require a deposit to confirm your booking. 

 Drop Off and Collection days charged as day rate. See T&C's for more information.