• Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

For a Cat Chateau for ONE 'Purry' King or Queen:
£15 a night

For a Cat Chateau for TWO* 'Purry' Kings or Queens to share:
£20 a night
*Must be from the same household.

Can my cat come to you for Christmas?

Yes absolutely. We love having our 'Purry' Kings & Queens join us for the holidays.

Please note: Bookings made which includes Christmas Day, Boxing Day and/or New Year's Day are charged at the double daily rate.

When can I drop my cat off to you?

For Drop Off and Collection:

Monday - Saturday
8am - 9am
5pm - 6pm

Sundays and Bank holidays prior to arrangement.
Other times may also be available, prior to arrangement.

My cat is old, is that okay?

Yes of course! Providing they are in a stable condition and signed off by your vet - they are more than welcome to come stay with us at Cricklade Cattery.

My cat needs medication every day?

Jess is qualified in administering medications and also spotting when things aren’t quite as they should be, so please don't worry - you have come to the right place!

What happens if my cat should die in your care?

We pray this doesn't happen but if for any reason it does, we have a cold storage facility where we can store your pet and keep them safe until your return.

Will you just ignore my cat?

Jess loves nothing more than giving your fur-babies a smooch and cuddles morning & night. If they what we like to call "Cat-Attitude" then please do tell us and we will adhere to their preference


A Message from Jess:

Although I love nothing more than having a smooch and cuddle with your 'purry' kings and queens, I also understand that some cats have what I like to call "Cattitude (cat-attitude)" and don't like to be touched -- You should meet my Trixie!.

I would never force a smooch or cuddle with any cat! It is my ultimate aim to provide these cats with a chilled, comforting and relaxing environment. As long as I can see they are happy going about their day, I will just have a little natter with them... who knows - They might even give me a little 'purrrr' if I'm lucky!