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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    For a Cat Chateau for ONE 'Purry' King or Queen:
    £15 a night

    For a Cat Chateau for TWO* 'Purry' Kings or Queens to share:
    £20 a night
    *Must be from the same household.

  • Can my cat come to you for Christmas?

    Yes absolutely. We love having our 'Purry' Kings & Queens join us for the holidays.

    Please note: Bookings made which includes Christmas Day, Boxing Day and/or New Year's Day are charged at the double daily rate.

  • When can I drop my cat off to you?

    For Drop Off and Collection:

    Monday - Saturday
    8am - 9am
    5pm - 6pm

    Sundays and Bank holidays prior to arrangement.
    Other times may also be available, prior to arrangement.

  • My cat is old, is that okay?

    Yes of course! Providing they are in a stable condition and signed off by your vet - they are more than welcome to come stay with us at Cricklade Cattery.

  • My cat needs medication every day?

    Jess is qualified in administering medications and also spotting when things aren’t quite as they should be, so please don't worry - you have come to the right place!

  • What happens if my cat should die in your care?

    We pray this doesn't happen but if for any reason it does, we have a cold storage facility where we can store your pet and keep them safe until your return.

  • Will you just ignore my cat?

    Jess loves nothing more than giving your fur-babies a smooch and cuddles morning & night. If they what we like to call "Cat-Attitude" then please do tell us and we will adhere to their preference